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dragonfly logo iconGeirfa Gymraeg / Welsh Vocabulary

The following is a list of some of the Welsh words and phrases your child/ren may be using in and out of school, with translations and pronunciation guides. It will be regularly added to so please keep checking in.


Bore da – good morning

‘Bor’ like boar and ‘e’ as in the less polite way to say ‘pardon’: eh;

da (good) as is

So, boar-eh da.


Prynhawn da – good afternoon

Put a ‘p’ before run then how (as in ‘How do I speak Welsh?’) + n; or first 4 letters of hound.

P-run-how-n da.


Nos da – good night

Nos like Norse

Norse da.


Hwyl fawr – goodbye

Try hoo-eel for Hwyl and vow (as in promise)+ r for Fawr.

Hoo-eel vow-r


Dyma – here is

Dum+ ah


Dyma Miss Fry – here is Miss Fry

Dyma fi (vee) – here I am

Dyma’r ysgol – here is the school ( ‘r is the) – just add a rolling ‘r’ to Dum-ah




Some numbers

1 un - een

2 dau - Dai like the name or dye, die

3 tri - like tree

4 pedwar -  ped as in pedal and war as in Wario NOT as in fighting with guns

5 pump -  pimp as in pimple

6 chwech -

To master ch– impersonate Chewbacca, then take out the voice, just leaving the air blowing out through your mouth.

Try the wi in wind, but make it longer. Then another ch and join together.



7 saith - si as in sigh and th as in think, thump, thunder



8 wyth - oo-eeth (th as above)

9 naw - now, but slightly longer, to rhyme with miaow


10 deg - de a bit like de facto + hard g or as if you’re saying dig but making it very long: diiig.


Some colours

coch – red - cor + ch as above (Chewbacca)

glas – blue - glass – but the posh way, almost glarss

melyn – yellow -  Mel as in the name and yn like in

gwyrdd – green - gw as in Guadeloupe, Guatemala and Guam; yr as in irritate and th as in the


pinc – pink – exactly the same!



Cymalau Tymhorol / Seasonal Phrases


Nadolig Llawen – Merry Christmas

‘Nad’ – as is (rhymes with lad, glad, mad);

‘ol’ – as in Oliver

‘ig’ – as in The Stig


To master ‘ll’ – say ‘l’ then blow out of one side of your cheek.

So, ‘ll’ – as above

‘aw’ – as you’d say ow if you’d hurt yourself.

‘en’ – as in end


Nad-ol-ig Ll-aw-en


Blwyddyn Newydd Dda – Happy New Year

‘Blwy’ – like bluey

‘dd’ – soft thas in then, this, the

‘yn’ – like in


‘Ne’ – as in net, never, Nelly

‘wydd’ – like with


‘Dda’ – soft th + arr (though don’t say the rrs clearly)


Bluey-th-in Ne-with Th-arr


Sion Corn – Father Christmas

‘Sion’ – as you’d say Shaun

‘Cor’ – as in the way some people refer to Coronation Street – Corrie + ‘n’


Shaun Corr-n


eira – snow                 ey-raa

oer – cold                   oi as you might call someone + rrr oi-rrr

dyn eira – snowman  deen ey-raa

rhodd – gift                ‘rh’ should be pronounced, but can get away with rorth(soft th)

tinsel – tinsel              same

carol – carol               also same 

coeden – tree             coy-den

menyg – gloves          men-ig

maneg – glove           man-egg



Hope you enjoy learning some of these words – there will be NO exam. Check back for some more in a few days.

Motivated, Happy, Imaginative & Caring Community