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Christmas concert dates were included in the last newsletter - they can also be found on the school calendar

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Amdanom Ni

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Welcome to the Governors' Section

The Lakeside School Governing Body is a very important group that strategically leads the school.
The group comprises governors from a number of categories, determined by Governors Wales.
At present the governors are:

The Head Teacher 
Rachel Mitchell

2 Teacher Governors 
Lisa Rayer

Louise Tanner

1 Non teaching staff member 
Pauline Morgan 

5 Parent Governors
Yasfim Haque
Luke Wheeler 

4 LA Governors 
Kate Lloyd
John Wilkinson
Bablin Molik

4 Community Governors
Richard Battrick
Alison Venn

Clerk to the Governing Body
Virginia Pritchard

The Governing Body meets each Half Term as a full body but also each governor is a member of one of the two sub committees, either the School Improvement or Resources Committee. These groups also meet on a Half Termly basis.

Governors make regular visits to the school, spending time in classrooms and talking to members of staff. They are also encouraged to attend training courses and governors conferences.
Each September, the Governors hold their AGM when the chair person and vice chairperson are elected. These offices are currently held by John Wilkinson (chairperson) and Yasfim Haque  (vice chairperson) 

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