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dragonfly logo iconNursery Yarn Bombing Appeal

Dear Parents,

Nursery are planning to do a ‘yarn bombing’ project on some of the trees outside the school office in the coming weeks.

The Nursery children will be doing some felting, which will be a key part of the project. However, we need some help with the foundation layers and are appealing to any knitters or crochet enthusiasts in the community that may be keen to help.

We would like to use colourful ‘scarves’ to make stripes around the tree trunks and would also like to incorporate some crochet work (e.g. circles, squares, ‘spider webs’, flowers etc).

If you think you may be able to help, the measurements are as follows:


Length - 15”

Width – Anywhere from 3” – 10” (a variety of widths will have a greater visual impact)

Crocheted pieces

These would ideally need to be around 5” in diameter or above and can be either a single colour or multi-coloured.

In both cases, you can use whatever pattern/stitch you like but the yarn would have to be acrylic, as wool/cotton yarn would absorb water and would droop. Vibrant colours would be great, with some black in the mix to provide extra contrast.


We will also need pom-poms (small, medium and giant) to add to those we’ll be making in nursery.

We would be incredibly grateful for any contributions to our project. If you are able to help, please hand your creations in at the school office and they will be passed on to the Nursery staff – we are hoping to complete the project before the next half term holiday.

Alternatively, if you don’t have time to knit or crochet, but have some spare acrylic wool at home, we would be very grateful for any donations.

Many thanks

Nursery Staff

P.S. Please contact Mrs Goddard if you would like any more information or clarification

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