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Class photos Monday 23rd May (Yr 2 Fri 27th May)


dragonfly logo iconCriw Cymraeg



Members of Criw Cymraeg have a very important role within the school and are voted for by their classmates. Currently, Criw Cymraeg consists of eight Year 6 pupils and four Year 5 pupils.


Their role is to:

  • Motivate and encourage pupils to speak Welsh regularly, both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Introduce and organise Welsh games to be played on the yard.
  • Be responsible for a central Welsh display.
  • Organise competitions for pupils.
  • Welcome guests and carry out presentations when required.
  • Be a part of Welsh assemblies.
  • Help promote the Welsh ethos at Lakeside Primary School.


Check out our video in the Lakeside Videos section of this web site!

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