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Lakeside Eco-Council


Our school Eco-Council was set up with student representatives from each class from year two to six. The school’s Eco Council meets regularly to formulate and then implement a school action plan for environmental improvement. Children discuss ways of improving their school environment from litter collection to establishing ways of conserving energy in the school. They also work alongside teachers, parents and governors to implement initiatives such as our school travel plan.

Eco-council members elect a Chairperson and Secretary who oversee the meeting format. Minutes are completed with agendas continuing student issues. This is a valued activity as it gives students a voice in a different setting where they are able to directly affect the sustainability of the school environment.  Check out our video in the Lakeside Videos section of this web site!


Lakeside School Council


"Doing what`s best for Lakeside"


Our School Council provides pupils with the opportunity to express their views about school life in a forum where they will be listened to and action taken when appropriate.

School Council meetings are held regularly with each meeting following a set agenda, which includes addressing issues raised at the last meeting and bringing to the meeting any new suggestions. A School Council Suggestion Box is accessible to all pupils within the school if they would like to make suggestions or raise issues. Minutes will be taken at every School Council meeting. School council representatives will be given the opportunity to report back from meetings and discuss issues with their classmates at regular class meetings and in assemblies The school council consists of pupils from year two to six and the other year group are represented by children in year five and six who feedback to them regularly.  Check out our video in the Lakeside Videos section of this web site!



The SNAG Group consists of a group of pupils that represent pupil voice in Key Stage 2. They are a mixture of boys and girls and they either attend school dinners or bring in a packed lunch. They are interested in making sure pupils at Lakeside have a chance to influence decisions that are made about the decisions about healthy eating, nutrition, and the dining experience on offer in the school. Check out our video in the Lakeside Videos section of this web site!



Digital leaders

The Digital leaders are chosen by an application and interview process. These are pupils from year 5 and 6. The role of the digital leaders is to :-

  • update areas of the school website, VLE or school blog site.
  • test new ICT resources, which could be websites, software or hardware.
  • share their skills and expertise with other pupils, classes and teachers.
  • set up ICT equipment in classrooms for teachers.
  • lead ICT lunchtime clubs.
  • support teachers and classes to use ICT in the classroom.

Check out our new video in the Lakeside Videos section of the web site!


Criw Cymraeg

Members of Criw Cymraeg have a very important role within the school and are voted for by their classmates. Currently, Criw Cymraeg consists of eight Year 6 pupils and four Year 5 pupils. Their role is to:

  • Motivate and encourage pupils to speak Welsh regularly, both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Introduce and organise Welsh games to be played on the yard.
  • Be responsible for a central Welsh display.
  • Organise competitions for pupils.
  • Welcome guests and carry out presentations when required.
  • Be a part of Welsh assemblies.
  • Help promote the Welsh ethos at Lakeside Primary School.

Check out our video in the Lakeside Videos section of this web site!


Prefects/Head Boy/Girl

The Prefects are chosen from year six by an application and interview process. The head Boy/Girl are then chosen from the prefects who have been successful. Prefects have a range of responsibilities including helping FP at lunchtime, playground play leaders, office monitors etc…


JRSO( Junior Road Safety Officer) & Junior PCSO ( Police Community Support Officer)

These pupil are chosen from year five and six to work on making our community a safer place to be.

Motivated, Happy, Imaginative & Caring Community