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Please remember to wear a face mask when dropping off and collecting your child and if you come onto the school grounds - Thank you


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Lakeside Springwatch

You may remember back in Lockdown, one of our Working Together Wednesdays was Lakeside Winterwatch, which we featured at the same time as it was on television.  BBC's Springwatch started this week and we thought that we would put together some Springwatch Working Together activities for you to enjoy in the Half Term break.  We also wanted to link to our Health and Wellbeing fortnight which started on Monday 24th May and ends on Friday 11th June.  We have a very nice video/photo activity, a story, some mindful colouring and another wonderful PTA walk.

Please share any work or photos/videos on Google Classroom, Seesaw or by emailing to Mrs Mitchell on

Thank you!


Mrs Mitchell introduces Lakeside Springwatch




Mindful Moments Activity

We’d like you to have a go at making some Mindful Moments videos or photo montages along the lines of the BBC Sopringwatch Mindful Moments.

See Mrs Mitchell’s activity introduction here.


Story: TREE

Mrs Williams reads another lovely story, all about the passing of the seasons.


PTA Walk

Another great outdoor activity from our wonderful PTA.

See below


Mindful Colouring

This is suitable for KS2 children and adults.  Have a go, it might prove wonderfully therapeutic.

See below




Springtime Colouring

Some lovely springtime pictures for children to enjoy colouring.

See below


Eid ul-Fitr, May 2021


This week many of us will be celebrating Eid ul-Fitr.  Here are some activities for you to enjoy and there is a story video in Children > Lakeside Videos > Special Days > Eid ul-Fitr.

British Science Week Working Together Wednesday

Dear Lakeside Families,

Thank you all for your amazing responses to last week’s Working Together Wednesday all about Wales.  Yet again, I loved seeing and reading about what you you had all been up to at home and in school, and it was good to see you working together with family members.  Check out the fantastic showcase to see all the wonderful things you did.

This week is our last Working Together Wednesday.  It’s British Science Week and we’ve got some fantastic experiments for you, plus a special challenge for KS2, two stories, another PTA Trail and a big finale to bring our Working Together Wednesdays to an end. 


Mrs Mitchell introduces Science Working Together Wednesday – Lakeside Videos


Story 1

Mrs Williams reads

Rosie Revere, Engineer

See Lakeside Videos


Story 2

Mr Vesey reads

A Place for Zero

See Lakeside Videos

Experiment 1

Mrs Gamble demonstrates surface tension using pepper, a paperclip and milk.

See Lakeside Videos


Experiment 2

Make a musical instrument out of a straw.

See Lakeside Videos


Experiment 3

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!

See Lakeside Videos


Experiment Challenge for KS2

Your instructions and some tips for making experiment videos.

See Lakeside Videos


PTA Trail

See below for details of another wonderful activity from our PTA all about scientists through history.


Mr Carey’s Close-up Challenge

Identify images of everyday items photographed with a powerful microscopic lens.

See Lakeside Videos


Paper Activities

See PDFs below for some printable paper activities from British Science week, includi

BIG FINALE – seeing Working Together Wednesdays out with a FIZZ and a BANG!!!  Check it out at Lakeside Videos


Have a wonderful day, working together!

Mrs Mitchell

Looking back at Wales Working Together Wednesday

See Lakeside Videos for a wonderful showcase!

Working Together Wednesday: Wales

Thank you all for your amazing responses to last week’s Fair Trade and Lesotho Working Together Wednesday! Yet again, I received lots of photos and examples of what you’ve been up to – Key Stage 2 at home and Foundation Phase here in school.  This week, we are celebrating St Davids Day with activities all about Wales.  Once again, we have our special guest Josh Morgan to help us, and there’s plenty to choose from. 

Mrs Mitchell introduces Working Together Wednesday  - Lakeside Videos


Josh Morgan presents the 

Jemima Nicholas Story

See Lakeside Videos



Write a poem

Josh Morgan shows us how to write a poem using all five senses: touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing.

Lakeside Videos and pdf below


Shading (Castell Coch) – art Masterclass 1, with Josh Morgan

Lakeside Videos and pdf below

How to Draw a Dragon – art Masterclass 2, with Josh Morgan 

Lakeside Videos 



Mrs Williams reads the story of

Cantre’r Gwaelod

Lakeside Videos

Mr Carey’s Challenge – How many uses can you think of for a Welsh hat?

Lakeside Videos


With his trusty guitar, Josh Morgan shows us how to plan a week-long trip through Wales, which you might want to convert into a Minecraft project 

Lakeside Videos and pdf below


Minecraft Education Edition

A journey around Wales and Welsh things with Mrs Evans

Lakeside Videos

PTA Trail

Take a walk on the wild side with a Welsh dragon!


Top Trumps

Josh show us how to create our own Top Trumps with Welsh heroes

Lakeside Videos and pdf below


Have a wonderful day, working together!

Mrs Mitchell

Shading Castell Coch

PTA Welsh Dragon Walk

A look back at Fair Trade and Lesotho WTW

Answers to Lesotho Quiz

See Lakeside Videos for answers to Mr Carey's Memory Challenge

Working Together Wednesday: Fair Trade & Lesotho


Thank you all for your amazing responses to Ancient Egypt Working Together Wednesday! I really enjoyed reading about what you had all been up to and it was good to see you working together with family members.

This week we are looking at Fair Trade as it’s Fair Trade Fortnight at the moment.  This will be incorporated with some activities related to Lesotho, as Lakeside has a special relationship with a school there: St Gerard’s School.

Mrs Mitchell introduces Working Together Wednesday – see Lakeside Videos



Story 1:

Mrs Davies reads Am I Small? with the help of a friend from Lesotho

See Lakeside Videos


Mr Carey’s Challenge – Memory Game

Which Fair Trade item has been removed from the selection?

Lakeside Videos

Story 2: The Great Kapok Tree read for us by several staff members.

See Lakeside Videos



Mrs Goddard shows how to make paper beads, and there’s a very special treat at the end of her video.

Lakeside Videos


Make a Jigsaw

Mrs Davies’s story reminds us that we all have a place in the world and that we all matter – as if the world’s a big jigsaw puzzle and we, the animals, plants, birds, insects, fish and everything are pieces of the jigsaw.  Print off a jigsaw template (below) and either draw a picture directly onto it, or stick it to the back of a picture or photograph, cut it out and make it into a jigsaw puzzle (better check with your parents/carers that it’s okay to cut up the picture or photo you’ve chosen!  See Lakeside Videos for a guide.

Lakeside PTA is asking: 

How many trees can you find in the local area?

 We may not have a rainforest here in Cardiff, but we do have a wide variety of trees! 


Print out the sheet (below) and see how many of these trees you can find while you are out walking this week. 

Please send Mrs Mitchell a photo of you on your walk and let her know how many different types of trees you spotted! 

Send your photos to:


Chocolate Bananas Recipe

Follow the instructions below for a very sweet treat!

Lesotho Quiz

See how many of the questions you can answer (below).  Answers next week!

Fair Trade Activities

There are 7 activities to choose from below all to do with Fair Trade, from colouring to designing a poster.


Minecraft Education Edition

Not only will Mrs Evans help you create a Field to Fork story, she will also show you how to include NPCs (Non-Player Character) and boards in your Minecraft world.

See below for a useful link.



Click here for more information about this week’s Minecraft: Education Edition challenge:

Looking back at Ancient Egypt WorkingTogether Wednesday

Go to Lakeside Videos to watch a showcase of your work and photos, and for the answers to the riddles.

Working Together Wednesday: Ancient Egypt

This week we are looking at Ancient Egypt and our special guests are the Egypt Centre at Swansea University.  They have provided all kinds of videos and activities for all ages across the school.  We also have our usual offerings to choose from as you will see below, and look forward to seeing your work, photos and videos from Ancient Egypt Working Together Wednesday.


Mrs Williams reads a Mister Men story about Little Miss Splendid and her friend’s Adventure in Egypt - Lakeside Videos

Mister Men Adventure in Egypt | Lakeside Videos (


Mrs Goddard shows us how to draw and paint Mister Men and makes them come to life!

Lakeside Videos

Art with Mrs Goddard | Lakeside Videos (

Egypt Centre, Swansea FOR UPPER KS2

Use the link below and the password WorkTogetherWednesday to access videos and resources from the Egypt Centre.  We recommend that only Year 5 & 6 pupils watch Mummification and Answers videos without parents checking them first.

Egypt Centre, Swansea for all pupils

Use the link below and the password WorkTogetherWednesday to access videos and resources from the Egypt Centre.  We recommend that parents check Mummification and Answers videos before allowing younger children to watch them.

Design an Egypt-themed garden for the area outside Mrs Mitchell’s office -  Lakeside Videos

Design an Egypt-themed garden | Lakeside Videos (



The PTA has devised a hieroglyph (Ancient Egyptian writing) trail for you this week.  Can you find the word from the hieroglyphs? 

See below – Walk Like an Egyptian!


Mr Carey’s Challenge – list

How many Mister Men can you name?

Mr Carey's Challenge | Lakeside Videos (


Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses Top Trumps – See below

Interviewing / talking to family members

Ask members of your family if they are able to answer our riddles.

Riddles | Lakeside Videos (


Mrs Evans sets a Minecraft Challenge – to build a scene from Ancient Egypt.  See Lakeside Videos.

Look back at Storytelling Week

See Lakeside Videos for a showcase of your work, photos and videos from Storytelling week.

Working Together Wednesday: National Storytelling Week


This week our Working Together Wednesday will be all about stories: making them, building them, telling them and drawing inspiration from them.  Alongside our special guest storyteller, who has some wonderful activities for you as well as a magical story to watch unfolding, we have some of our usual activities: a story from Mrs Williams, an art masterclass from Mrs Goddard, a PTA story trail and a challenge from Mr Carey.  Choose from all that's on offer and let us know how you got on!  Good luck!

Storytelling Week


Introduction: See Mrs Mitchell’s Introduction to Storytelling Week in Lakeside Videos

Mrs Williams tells the story of The Lion & the Mouse in Lakeside Videos


See Mrs Goddard making story stones for The Lion and the Mouse story in Story Stones in Lakeside Videos

See the story of Theseus & the Minotaur magically unfolding in the hands of our special guest Mr Josh Morgan in Lakeside Videos

Mr Morgan shows us how to design a labyrinth in Make a LabyrinthLakeside Videos


Follow the PTA’s Story Trail - below - to find Julia Donaldson’s characters, who are hiding around Lakeside 

See this week’s challenge from Mr Carey: Mr Carey’s Challenge in Lakeside Videos

Mr Morgan asks Which animal are you most like? (Lakeside Videos)

We ask school staff which animal would they like to be half of: If you could be half animal... in Lakeside Videos

See Mr Morgan’s video on Making Hybrids (Lakeside Videos) then print out the document below to have a go yourselves

See if you can create a Minecraft labyrinth with the help of Mrs Evans: 

See Hybrids Quiz in Lakeside Videos to test your hybrid knowledge

See Mr Morgan’s video on Zooming in Poem (Lakeside Videos) then print out the  document below to have a go yourselves

See if you can guess which animal Mr Morgan is singing about before he says their names in Animal Song in Lakeside Videos

Print out the document below and have a go at building some Silly Stories

Look Back at Lakeside Winter Watch


See Lakeside Videos for a slideshow of all your wonderful work and the answers to the Bird Call Challenge.

Lakeside Winterwatch

This week we are doing our very own version of Winterwatch where we look at some of nature’s everyday birds found in and around Lakeside. Like last week, we have a range of activities for you to ‘pick and choose’ from including listening to stories, designing a forest school and of course, another superb art workshop from Mrs Goddard. The PTA have arranged a walk around the local area where you need to find the clues and complete the crossword. Enjoy your chosen activities and let me know how you get on.

An introduction from Mrs Mitchell

See Mrs Mitchell Introduces Lakeside Winter Watch in Lakeside videos, or use the link here:


Mrs Goddard Art work - make a beautiful owl using the techniques demonstrated by Mrs Goddard.

See Paint an Owl video in Lakeside Videos

Help Mrs Tanner plan the Lakeside Forest School – watch the drone fly over the grounds. What would you like to see in our forest school?

See Design Lakeside's Forest School video in Lakeside Videos

Mr Carey’s Football teams – how many football teams can you think of that are associated with a bird?

See Mr Carey's Football Challenge videos in Lakeside Videos

Make Bird Feeders with Mrs Crompton – are there any hungry birds living in your garden?

See written instructions below and Making Bird Feeders video in Lakeside Videos

Listen to ‘The Ducks’ Winter Tale’ read by Mrs Williams.

See Ducks' Winter Tale in Lakeside Videos

Which Winter animal are you? Interview your family and see which winter animal they would like to be.

See Which Winter Animal? in Lakeside Videos

Find out which animals hibernate, migrate or stay in their area during winter.  See below.

Listen to ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ recited by Mrs Doyle.

See The Owl & the Pussycat in Lakeside Videos


PTA bird watching crossword – local area walk.  See below.

See if you can match the description of the bird call to the bird.  See Identify the Bird Call in Lakeside Videos.


Making Bird Feeders

Find out which animals hibernate, migrate or stay in their area during winter.

See Lakeside Videos for a look back at Winnie the Pooh Day and a list of famous bears with their names - just so that you can check if you got them right.

Winnie the Pooh Day 2021

An Introduction from Mrs Mitchell

Mr Carey's Bears Challenge

Make your own map of the 100 Acre Wood

See if you can work our where Tigger is hiding

Enjoy a story...

          Mrs Mitchell's Mission

See the pdf below for the things some of Lakeside's pupils are proud of from 2020.


Every week Mrs Mitchell will give all Lakeside pupils and families a new mission.

This week's mission is about things we're proud of.  Watch as Mrs Mitchell shows you what to do:


Check out our Happy New Year video and see how much we have to be proud of!


Please send your work to

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