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Following guidance from Welsh Government, Lakeside Primary School remains closed until further notice


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Let’s Get Moving


It's time to join with children across England, Wales and Scotland. This festival is organised by Cardiff City. We are aiming to get as many children taking part in the activities . Choose a day/afternoon this week when you are going to do the activities . The activities can played individually or as a family. All games and activities are designed for children and families to do at home or in the garden as part of their daily activity. The website is to access further activities. Please post you photographs on Twitter #JOMHomeFestival .You could also win £500 worth of sports equipment for the school. The resource pack is below.




Song of the week


It's getting too hot for monkeys is a fun topical song delivering a about global warming message.

Learn the song with a video from Beccy Owen and visit#SongoftheWeek for loads of activities, including actions, making up your own lyrics, and learning more about the topic.

Click on the link below. Enjoy singing



Let’s Join Hands School Challenge


Following on from last week’s kindness challenge, this week please can you draw a self-portrait or a take a photograph (A4 portrait)  with your arms outstretched and your first name and class on it and take a photograph of it. The staff loved your Rainbow videos as much as you enjoyed seeing your teachers so let's join hands together - look out for the next staff video where we are doing the same!


Have a great week and keep safe.

Week beginning 4.5.20


Kindness – May Challenge

Be kind to yourself and others


Help spread the message of kindness throughout our Lakeside community and beyond. So many people are doing amazing things big and small. Small acts of kindness make the biggest difference. Let’s flood our community with kindness.

Be Kind to yourself

May Wellbeing Calendar 

Please click on the link below for activities.


Be Kind to others


The British Red Cross have produced some ideas and a blank calendar to record you acts of kindness – please click on the link below .




Week beginning 27/4/20

What are you grateful for today?

The pages in the link below discuss what we may have in our lives that we can be grateful for - good friends, health, family, food etc..

Can you draw or make a grateful jar and fill with all the things that make us thankful. We would love to see your pictures or jars on Hwb/ Twitter/Seesaw  when they are completed.


Wellbeing Grateful Jar .pdf


You may also want to add to your jar the things you and your family are looking forward to doing again when working from home is over.

Have a go at playing the game below.


Week Beginning 20/4/20 

My 2020 COVID- 19 Time Capsule


Download the worksheets using the link below and begin to work on creating your very own time capsule.

Gather photo's,newspapers,art work,special memories etc... to put into your time capsule. This is great to do on your own but also as a family.

This may take you more than a week to do ! Take your time doing this task and don't forget to share it with us on Twitter/Seesaw/Google Classroom.

Have fun and enjoy.


Week Beginning 13/4/2020







Let’s see how many bears we can have in our Lakeside community.

How many bears can you spot in your neighbourhood?

Which one is your favourite?

Can you draw a picture of your favourite?

Can you write about your bear – name, favourite colour/food/film, what s/he likes to do, if s/he has been on holiday etc…

Can you put a message with your bear e.g stay safe, wash your hands, sending you bear hug , thank you etc...

While you are out on your daily walk don’t forget to stay 2m apart from others but you can still smile at each other. STAY SAFE






Week beginning 6/4/2020



Build a Bridge Challenge


The challenge is as follows: 

  • Design a bridge 
  • Build it using Lego ,Duplo or other household materials – small or large! 
  • The bridge needs to hold some sort of weight i.e. food tins, stones , Easter eggs or more if you want to show off the strength of your bridge 
  • This can be done inside the house or within your own garden 
  • We need photos taken of the process/final product holding the weight either send them to your teacher or put them on Twitter





This area is for all ages (yes, even the big kids!) to help with your home learning journey. We'll keep adding new activities so check back soon!

Week beginning 30th March 









People across Wales have been making rainbows and putting it in their window to spread cheer during the coronavirus lockdown. 

Don't forget to put a message with your rainbow e.g. thank you, you are superheroes etc... 

Let's see how many we can put up in windows across our Lakeside Community. 

Don’t forget to post them on the Lakeside Twitter we would love to see them.




 1. Put your finger at the bottom of the rainbow.

 2. Breath in through your nose and trace the red arc until you get the top of the arc.

 3. When you reach the top of the arc breathe out through your mouth and trace the red arc to the end.

 4. repeat this with each colour until you feel calm and grounded.



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