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School closes on Friday 16 February for half term break and reopens on Monday 26 February.


dragonfly logo iconReception

Welcome to Reception

In Reception we wear our school uniform and a smile every day!


The class teachers are:
Mrs. Rayer ~ RS (Mon - Wed)
Mrs. Street ~ RS (Thurs - Fri)
Mrs Rayment ~ RR

The teaching assistants are:
Mrs Morgan
Mrs Thorrington 
Miss Sheen (Monday-Thursday)
Mrs Jaberansari (Friday)

Welcome to Reception. Our context for learning this term is Will you read me a story ?

This half term, we will be reading a range of stories. We have asked the children to bring in their favourite story to share with the class. We will be asking the children which story books they would like to focus on. We will be hot seating our favourite fairy tale character and asking them lots of questions. For example, Little Red Riding Hood, - how did you feel when you found out it was the wolf in bed and not

Grandma ? We will be reading the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. We will be exploring and experimenting when we make porridge. We will be reading stories that focus on kings and queens and write about what we would do if we were king or queen for the day ! We will use our creative skills to make crowns, jewellery, swords and shields. At the end of the ILP, we will survey our favourite stories and put our results onto a bar chart. 

Snack Money is £1.20 per week. You can pay weekly, half termly or termly.  Please make cheques payable to Lakeside Early Years Account.



Please ensure that your child is wearing the correct school uniform and suitable clothing according to the weather eg hat, suncream, raincoat etc. All items must be clearly labelled with your child’s name and class.

Reading folders
Please share the library and reading book with your child and write a comment in the record book. Did your child like the story? What was their favourite part? Does your child know what the story is called?
Ensure your child reads their flashcards. You could play games with these cards; matching pairs, matching word to character.



Please return reading folders with flashcards every week, on the day your child is given.

Visit your local library to share books of your child's choice.

The children participate in letters and sounds sessions each week. They will learn the letter sounds, play sound games, record some work in their books and sing sound sounds.

 If you would like to listen to the songs you can visit the following website - Communication4All - Phonics and click on Interactive Phonics Presentation and songs. You can also visit the Letters and Sounds website for ideas and games to play with your child. -

Encourage your children to look for numbers in the environment; on buses, houses, in shops. Sing number rhymes, play number games and maths jigsaws.

Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!

Motivated, Happy, Imaginative & Caring Community