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HAPPY SUMMER HOLIDAY - lots of activities for children can be found under "Parents > Useful information" on this website *** First day of the Autumn term Wednesday 5 September


dragonfly logo iconYear 3

Welcome to Year 3

Class Information
The class teachers are Mr Vanstone 3V, Mrs Davies and Miss Stephens 3DS.

Our teaching assistants, and the inclusion team support class lessons throughout the week. We are also very grateful to those parents who give up their time to help us in class. 


PE and Games
Year 3 pupils must wear a change of clothing for PE and games activities. A navy T-shirt and navy blue shorts are required and trainers or similar footwear. Navy t-shirts may be purchased from YC Sports. Children will not be allowed to participate without suitable clothing.

Days for PE:
Every Monday and either Tuesday or Thursday for both classes.

During colder weather, tracksuits or other warm clothing may be worn.

Every week we will endeavour to give your children a spelling list, a new reading book, Active Learn homework including Maths, Grammar, spelling and an interactive reading book which we cover in GGR sessions. also we will send home their Big Maths tests every week for the children to practise any questions they found difficult. Any maths sheets do not need to be returned.

To log on to their own 'Maths world' at Active Learn. Each child needs to enter a username which is the first four letters of their first and last name with no spaces and all lower case and the password lakeside. The school code is qlq7.

Spellings need to be practised daily for a test every Friday. The spelling will be differentiated and uploaded to the website as well as a paper copy.

Snack Arrangements 
If you would like to join the Lakeside snack club, a letter with the cost will be sent in due course. There is a wide variety of fruit to choose from including kiwis, melon, tomatoes, cucumber, bananas and apples. 

Our Science based Context for Learning this term is called 'Mighty Metals' and will be investigating Forces.

We will learn to:

  • use good manners, respect the needs of others and show a responsible attitude.
  • listen carefully and respond to instructions correctly.
  • use the Internet and research books to carry out context based research in school and at home.
  • use a thesaurus to extend vocabulary.
  • recite 2,3,4, and 8 and times table instantly and confidently.
  • use an I-pad effectively.
  • continue to write neatly using a handwriting pencil to produce joined script and underline with a ruler where appropriate.
  • extend writing by including adjectives, adverbs and more complex punctuation, as well as more complex sentences.
  • read more texts with expression, fluency and accuracy.
  • develop the skill of editing and re-drafting work in order to improve the standard.
  • become confident at applying literacy and numeracy skills across the curriculum.
  • continue to use our everyday Welsh vocabulary with 'Helper heddiw'.


We teach the children four main sentence types. These are called Alan Peat sentences and these help the children to develop their writing abilities. the four sentences are BOYS, 2ad, DE DE and 3-ed. See the images below to practise them at home.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Mighty metals are everywhere! From earrings to rockets, metals have shaped the world we live in today. This half term, we’re going to become fantastic physicists, exploring the world of forces, metals and materials. At a playground, we’ll explore the forces that help us to slide and swing. We’ll look closely at levers and explore how they help us to lift heavy objects. In maths, we’ll have fun investigating where we need to sit to make a seesaw balance. To learn more about forces, we’ll make spinners, play with parachutes and make magnetic games. We’ll also investigate iron, think about why some metals rust and discover the properties of different metals. Using pots, pans and other metal objects, we’ll compose a metal musical extravaganza and use our artistic skills to create embossed patterns and pictures. 


Help your child prepare for their project Metals and magnets are everywhere! Why not do a hunt around the house to see how metal is used? You could also make fridge magnets using a flat magnet, glue and modelling clay or recycled materials. Alternatively, you could build models using blocks or recycled materials and investigate the force needed to knock them over.  See our helpful sheets on how to help at home, recommended reading books and we've also included some fun facts.

Spellings to be tested 17.11.17

Motivated, Happy, Imaginative & Caring Community