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Christmas jumper day - Friday 14 December *** Christmas Concerts 2018 - see Notice Board for schedule of times *** Open session for prospective parents - Tuesday 15 January @ 9.15am [please contact school to book your place]


dragonfly logo iconYear 6

30.11 - Maths homework this week is in each child's Google Classroom

30.11.18 Spelling lists to be tested 7.12.18

23.11.18 Spelling Lists to be tested Friday 30th Nov

16.11.18 Homework for this week, ready for Monday.


Research what the conditions were like for the a soldiers living in the trenches during World War 1.

16.11.18 Spelling lists to be tested Friday 23rd November

9.11.18 Spelling lists to be tested Friday 16th November

Math's Homework to be returned by Tuesday 23rd October

Spelling test words to be tested 19th October 2018 (postponed until Friday 9th November)

Spelling Test words to be tested Friday 12th October

Spelling Test - words to be practised for test on Friday 28th September.

Spelling Test - words to be practised for test on 5th Oct

Welcome to Year 6!



In this, your very last year at Lakeside Primary, we will be covering a whole host of interesting topics and you will also have the responsibility of being the oldest children in school, and therefore will be expected to be amazing role models for the younger children.


Anything you need to know about school will be on this page, so make sure you visit it regularly. Your homework will also be on here every week, along with your weekly spellings. 


During the autumn term you will be involved in a mock court hearing with real magistrates, a fascinating experience!



During the summer term, you are given the chance to visit the activity centre at Stackpole to further develop your team building skills and independence. To conclude a highly successful year in Lakeside Primary, you will celebrate and share your many talents in the leavers' concert.


Autumn 1 - 'A Child's War' - How did World War 2 affect Wales?
In the project, the children will explore:
  • What it was like to be an evacuee
  • The impact of evacuation on children and their families
  • The daily life of a child in wartime Wales
  • The effects and devastation of the Swansea Blitz
  • Why some parts of Wales were more vulnerable to bombing than others
  • The life of Anne Frank
  • We will also be visiting Cardiff Castle


 Autumn 2 - 'Darwin's Delights'

Ship Ahoy! We're off on an exciting expedition with Charles Darwin and his crew on HMS Beagle.

In this project the children will:

  • Trace his route across the ocean
  • Understand his theory of Evolution
  • See how animals adapt to their environment
  • Learn about some of the World's greatest explorers and naturalists
  • Imagine how humans will evolve in millions of years (it's a scary thought!)


Spring 1 - 'Pits and Ponies' - How did it feel to work in the coal mines of Wales?

In this project, the children will explore:

  • The history of coal mining
  • Mining strikes and their effects on the miners, their families and communities
  • The legacy and future of coal mining


Spring 2 - 'Blood Heart' - Let's explore your circulation system!

In this project, the children will:

  • Dissect an animal heart and examine the veins, arteries and chambers
  • Check out the most common blood groups in their class
  • Find out how to keep their heart happy with cardio-vascular exercise and healthy food
  • Discuss the damage caused by smoking, to the lungs and heart


Summer 1 - 'I.D.' - Let's discover what makes!

In this project the children will:

  • Learn about genes and D.N.A.
  • Explore the world of human identity and how our unique features can be used to tell us apart from others or help to solve a crime!
  • Write reports, adverts and poems all on the theme of identity, and express their opinions, views and beliefs
  • Use their knowledge and skills to solve the crime of the stolen handbag, and identify the culprit!


Summer 2 - 'Frozen Kingdom' - Welcome to the Planet's coldest lands!

In this project, the children will:

  • Research facts and figures of climate, temperature, habitats and eco-systems
  • Compose evocative poems about the Northern Lights
  • Learn about the life of Robert Falcon Scott
  • Construct food chains to show how species are interdependent on each other as food sources
  • Discuss and debate whether it is ever right for humans to hunt animals
  • Find out about the bio-diversity of the Arctic or Antarctic ocean


Don't forget, all Year 6 homework will be posted online by the end of each week.  It is your responsibility to check this page regularly and complete your homework by the given date.  

Please remember that not all homework needs to be printed out! As long as you can see the activity  online, you may write your answers on paper. Paper is available from your classroom should you require it.

Alternatively, children who still wish to print a hard copy may do this from school.
As previously agreed, it is the child's responsibility to do this. If you need help in doing so, you must tell your teacher in advance and before the homework is due in.   

Thank you to all of the Year 6 parents for your support with homework activities. This is such an important year for the children, and we know how busy everyone is. 


Click here to access Abacus
Your login is the first 4 letters of your first name and the first 4 letters of your surname (e.g. for Thomas Jones it would be thomjone).
The school code is qlq7
your password is lakeside (unless you have changed it!)

Please also remember to practice your Alan Peat sentences every week.  
These top tips for sentence writing will really help you improve your writing skills.  
Click here, or find the link at the bottom of the page. 

Children must remember to bring in their own reading book every day. These can be their own books, or can be borrowed from the class reading corner.

Standards of homework and presentation:
Most of the homework completed by Year 6 is of a very high standard. We do expect that the children apply the same level of effort to their homework as they would to any piece of work. 
Please support your child to take pride in their work, and to hand their homework in on time.

Work not completed at home, or that is unsatisfactory, may be required to be re-done in school during playtime or lunchtime. Children know to speak to their class teacher prior to the day of submission if they are having any difficulty in completing their homework on time, or are finding it tricky to do.  


PE and Games
PE will be on Wednesdays and some Thursdays for all Year 6 classes. 
Year 6 pupils must wear a change of clothing and shoes for PE and games activities. A navy T-shirt and navy blue shorts are required and trainers or similar footwear. Navy t-shirts may be purchased from YC Sports.


Many thanks for your support,

Year 6 teachers - Mrs Tanner, Miss Fry & Mrs Vanstone

Year 6 TAs -  Mrs Johns & Miss Clarke

Welsh Government Test Revision (Reasoning and Procedural sample papers)

Motivated, Happy, Imaginative & Caring Community