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The school phone and absence line is unavailable due to building work - please email for all but the most urgent issues. Phone 029-20767052 for all urgent issues

About Us
Amdanom Ni

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Meet the staff at our school


Staff Team 2019-20


Headteacher Rachel Mitchell

Deputy Head Teacher Bethan Frost


Year Group

SLT Leader


Teaching assistants

(including 1:1s)

Nursery / Reception

Lisa Rayer

Sam Goddard

Sally Rayment

Sarah Street

Pauline Morgan

Libby Thomas

Charlotte Lucucq

Jasmine Cribbett

Bella Charles

James Thomas

Year 1

Vicky Burgin

Louise Nessbert

Katie Crompton

Reyhaneh Jaberansari

Leanne Massey 

Lesley Simpson

Chrissie Thomas

Alys Evans

Louise Fish

Year 2

Vicky Burgin

Vicky Page

Ceri Harries

Sian Johns

Rebecca Hall

Karen Mingay

Amanda Corley

Year 3

Penny Doyle

  Sharon Vanstone

Esther Stephens

Frances Price

Callum Stribling

Year 4

Russ Vanstone

Nerys Davies

Rachel Evans

 Mel Hoskins

Shazia Javed

Andy Saul

Year 5

Louise Tanner

Nic Vanstone

Louise Evans

Sally Richards

Sophia Callow

Sarah Clarke

Year 6

Louise Tanner

Louise Fry

Holly Bird

Rosey Cole

Amy Sheppard


Beth Williams



Wellbeing Class

Sarah Hart


Tim Jones

Nia Sherman


Lou Lou Evans

Bethan Frost





Non-teaching staff

Finance  - Mrs Virginia Pritchard

HR, SIMS  - Mrs Andrea Pymble 

Dinner money, Inclusion - Mrs Rachel Rundle

School Cook - Mrs Karen Harvey


Foundation Phase midday supervisors

Mrs Louise Ward 

Mrs Ruby Javed-Alyas 

Ms Sian Henry 

Mrs Queen Kaur 

Miss Sarita Kaur 


KS2 midday supervisors

Mr Paul Henry

Mr Sion Isaacs

Mrs Shaunna Harvey

Mrs Angela Stone


School Estates Manager Mr Sean Carey


School Nurse Jodie Griffiths


Designated Safeguarding Officer 

Rachel Mitchell

Sarah Hart 

Penny Doyle 


Designated  Safeguarding Governor 

John Wilkinson







Motivated, Happy, Imaginative & Caring Community