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Don't forget to open your advent calendar - Christmas is coming!! *** Please remember to wear a mask on the school grounds - Thank you


dragonfly logo iconYear 1

Welcome to Year 1

This Friday your child will take home a reading book in their green folder. The folder with the book inside needs to be returned every Tuesday.  Please make sure you only return the book in the bag as we have to quarantine the contents.  Please click on the link below for further information on reading and homework. Thank you! smiley

Homework and Home reading 

Please see the section below if you need to access the Home Learning planning 

It has been lovely to meet and welcome your children into Year 1.  At the beginning of this term our priority will be to settle them into school and ensure they feel happy and safe. smiley

The Year 1 school day begins at 8.55 and finishes at 3.10.  For drop off and pick up arrangements, and further information about the school, please read the Parent Handbook on the parent page. 

Also, visit our Twitter page for regular updates, photos and reminders!


The Year 1 team

The Class Teachers are:
1BC: Mrs V. Burgin (Tues, Wed) & Mrs L. Nessbert (Mon, Thurs & Fri)
1C:  Miss K. Crompton (Mon-Fri)

Our Teaching Assistants are:
Mrs K. Martin (Mon-Fri)
Miss A. Evans  (Mon-Thurs)
Mrs L. Fish (Friday) 

Ms C. Lucocq (Mon-Fri) and Mrs R. Jaberansari (Mon-Wed)


Lunch and Snack

Until our catering facilities restart, every child will need to bring a packed lunch.  Please send this into school in a small bag or lunch bag. They will need their lunch, a bottle of water and a piece of fruit (or veg) for their snack.  It would be helpful for your child if their snack is in a separate pot/bag, so that they know what to eat during the morning break.  If they bring small fruit such as grapes or cherry tomatoes, for their safety, please could these be chopped in half. 

Due to there being children with allergies across the school, please also remember that there are to be

NO NUTS brought into school.  This includes any foods that contain nuts such as peanut butter, Nutella / chocolate spreads, cereal bars etc. 


Physical Development

Every Tuesday, Year 1 will have a PE lesson, either outside or in the hall.

Please can your child come to school wearing their PE kit (from Tuesday 15th Sept), so that they don't have to change in school.  (Black or navy shorts/ joggers/ leggings, t-shirt/ school polo top, school jumper/ cardigan and trainers).



Once we have re-assessed the most suitable book level/band for your child, reading books will be sent home, with guidance on how to help support your child with their reading. We will also then be able to assign books to their Bug Club online library. 

Homework will be set every week, using Seesaw, whereby teachers can set homework digitally for children to complete on a device at home, which can then be sent back for the teacher to respond to.  We will be sending out further information about this over the next few weeks.


Context for Learning

Our contexts this year will be: 

Autumn 1: Memory Box  Autumn 2: Moon Zoom
Spring 1: St. David Spring 2: Super Heroes
Summer 1: Rio da Vida

Summer 2: The Enchanted Woodland


Our context for learning this term is 'Moon Zoom'. 

There will be some strange things happening this term and the children will be trying to work out what is going on!  More will be revealed after this week...smiley

Home Learning

Every week on the website, we will share a planner with the main activities that we are covering that week.  It only needs to be referred to if your child is unable to come to school, for example, in the event that they need to self isolate or if they are unwell.  The work is to completed in the red CfL books or the green MD books that were sent home last week. These books are just for home learning and need to remain at home. 

The activities in red (the focussed activities) are ones that require some adult input.

COOL challenges: (Create our our learning).  These activities (in blue) are ones that your child should be able to complete independently.  

Success stars: Next to some activities you will see * (1 star) ** (2 stars) or *** (3 stars).  This is so that you can work at a level that best suits your child.  


Week 1 Home Learning Planner (week commencing Monday 2nd November)

Week 2 Home Learning Planner (week commencing Monday 9th November) 

Week 3 Home Learning Planner (week commencing Monday 16th November)

Week 4 Home Learning Planner (week commencing Monday 23rd November) 

Week 5 Home Learning Planner (week commencing Tuesday 1st December) 

Motivated, Happy, Imaginative & Caring Community