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Please remember to wear a face mask when dropping off and collecting your child and if you come onto the school grounds - Thank you


dragonfly logo iconYear 3

Year 2 to Year 3 Transition Powerpoint




Welcome to Year 3


Class Information
The class teachers are Mrs Doyle 3D,Mrs Vanstone and Mrs Frost  3VF.

Our teaching assistants are Mrs. Price and Miss. Callow.  They support class lessons throughout the week and provide interventions.  


PE and Games - Thursday
Year 3 pupils must come to school on a THURSDAY in their PE Kit - navy/black joggers,shorts or leggings and  navy/ white t-shirt and a school jumper for warmth.


Things to bring

- coat 

- small bag with your lunch

- snack (fruit only)

- bottle of water with child's name

- no pencil case - pens,pencils etc.. will be provided

- any prescribed medication 

- glasses

Visit our Twitter page for regular updates, photos and reminders!



Self-Isolating and Home Learning

If your child is displaying symptoms of Covid-19, please inform the school immediately and book a test.


If your child is self-isolating, due to being in contact with anyone who has tested positive to the virus, but is not ill themselves, home learning is encouraged. As soon as you inform the school of the situation, home learning will be facilitated in your child's Google Classroom.


Home learning will consist of a variety of Numeracy, Literacy, Context and Wellbeing activities to be completed throughout the week. All tasks will be shown in a home learning task sheet, that will be in Google Classroom every Monday morning at 9 a.m. This will explain on which days tasks need to be completed. The tasks will then be scheduled to appear on the specific day in Google Classroom.


In the event of the whole of Year 3 needing to self-isolate, due to a positive Covid test result, home learning should be completed by any child not displaying symptoms.



Homework may be set in Google Classroom.

Homework will consist of either maths, comprehension or  a piece of work related to our Scrumdiddlyumptious context. 



Spellings will be set in Google Classroom regularly.

Children will be given a list of words to learn, using a different No Nonsense strategy.



Reading books will be provided on Active Learn, online (Bug Club).

The children have been shown how to access the books and how to read it, and answer the comprehension questions that accompany it. Children are welcome to bring in books from home to read in school, but they will need to be kept in their school bag. Please encourage your child to read at home as much as possible whether it be books, comics or even instruction manuals! From October 8th, we will be sending home reading books together with their Home Reading Record Book. Books will be swapped after a week at home and will be changed on an allocated day. Please could your child read aloud to you to assist with their expression, fluency and accuracy. can be pointed out. Each week, please could you write a comment about their reading. Could we ask for all green reading book bags be returned to school asap?


Maths Reinforcement
Your child can continue to develop the maths skills taught each week, by accessing their own 'Maths world' at Active Learn. Each child has been given a username and password. The school code is qlq7. Occasionally maths activities are allocated on Active learn to support and reinforce their learning.


Big Maths

Big Maths 'Clic', 'Safe' and 'Learn its' tests will take place weekly online in school. Parents/guardians are able to see progress and support needed from their child's login page. We would appreciate if children spend some time each week to go over their work.



To increase pupils’ confidence in communicating clearly in Welsh with a variety of audiences including teachers, peers and familiar adults in everyday situations.


Welsh you can use with your child at home

Beth ydy dy enw di? (What is your name?) answer: Tom ydw i (Tom ydy fy enw i)

Sut wyt ti’n teimlo? (How are you feeling?) answer: Dwi'n ____ achos ____

Sut mae’r tywydd heddiw? (what is the weather like today?) answer: Mae hi'n _____ (and extend using achos - because, ond -but, ac- and)

Snack Arrangements

If your child would like to bring in their own snack, please can you ensure it is a healthy snack e.g fruit or vegetables (no crisps, chocolate. biscuits or sweets) 


Drinks Bottles

Please provide your child with at least one full drinks bottle each day, this will be brought home for washing at the end of each day.


Our Cornerstones Context for Learning this term is called 'Scrumdiddlyumptious'.





* Recap Y2 work

* Recount

* Instructions for a smoothie

* Nonsense poem about fruit and vegetables

* A report about James Lind

*Advert Create an advert for a smoothie

Number skills –

* Recap Y2 work

* Read and write numbers to 1000

* Compare and estimate with numbers up to 100

* Use different combinations of money to pay for   items up to £2 and calculate the change

*Multiply numbers by 10

*Identify odd and even numbers up to 1000

*Use mental strategies to recall number facts within 20

*Check subtraction using addition

Measure skills-

* Use standard units to estimate and measure


Geometric skills

Data Skills – Represent data using:

lists, tally charts, tables and diagrams



*Solving worded and real life problems by using a table or drawing a diagram.

Cross Curricular

History – Use historical resources materials to find out about, James Lind.

Science – Classify fruit and vegetables, Create a nutritional packed lunch & Investigate online on how food can be altered

Geography - Research the journey taken by a banana, Find out about Fair Trade, Map the origin of each food

Welsh – Fun in the sun and rain

IT –Digital Safety – Powerful passwords

Music - Sing with increasing control of breathing, posture, diction, dynamics.

ART /DT – Make different types of breads, Design and make a pancake, Design and make packaging for a fantastical fruit or silly sweet!

Ideas for helping at home

Literacy – Read daily with your child developing comprehension skills.

Numeracy - encourage your child to practise times tables and telling the time – analogue and digital.

Cross Curricular - Choose home ideas from each Cornestones context to stimulate your child’s learning.

If possible please can you take your child shopping to select some fruit to make a smoothie? We will let you know which week we are making smoothies so you and your child can shop for the ingredients – more details to follow

We will learn to:

  • use good manners, respect the needs of others and show a responsible attitude.
  • listen carefully and respond to instructions correctly.
  • use the Internet and research books to carry out context based research in school and at home.
  • use a thesaurus to extend vocabulary.
  • recite 2,3,4, and 8 and times table instantly and confidently.
  • use an I-pad effectively.
  • continue to write neatly using a handwriting pencil to produce joined script and underline with a ruler where appropriate.
  • extend writing by including adjectives, adverbs and more complex punctuation, as well as more complex sentences.
  • read more texts with expression, fluency and accuracy.
  • develop the skill of editing and re-drafting work in order to improve the standard.
  • become confident at applying literacy and numeracy skills across the curriculum.
  • continue to use our everyday Welsh vocabulary with 'Helper heddiw'.


We teach the children four main sentence types. These are called Alan Peat sentences and these help the children to develop their writing abilities. the four sentences are BOYS, 2ad, simile and 3-ed. 

Information for Parents for Year 3 Home Learning

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