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dragonfly logo iconYear 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Class Information

The Class Teachers are Mr Vanstone 4V and Mrs Bird 4B.


Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Hoskins.

Our teaching assistants, and the inclusion team support class lessons throughout the week. We are also very grateful to those parents who give up their time to help us in class. 


Our Context for Learning Topics


Autumn Term 1 - Burps, Bottoms and Bile 

Open wide – let’s look inside! We’re on a voyage of discovery to investigate the busy world inside your body. This half term, we will...

  • Find out about different dental procedures and learn new scientific vocabulary and use this information to write toothy fact files. 
  • Learn how to brush our teeth and how sugary drinks affect them.
  • Examine the amount of sugar in different foods and create images of ourselves with healthy and unhealthy teeth. 
  • Write a story describing the journey a piece of food takes through the digestive system.
  • Find out what organs are involved in digestion and make our own wearable digestive systems in DT.
  • Investigate the digestion in different animals and handle a range of digestive organs.
  • Write persuasive texts to convince people to eat healthily.
  • Play a scientific game and create healthy snack packs for our friends.
  • Write to our digestive systems, promising to keep them healthy.


Autumn Term 2 - Road Trip USA

Buckle up and put your sunglasses on – this half term we’re going on a road trip across the USA!

This half term, we will...

  • ‘Visit’ the states where Native American tribes settled.
  • Use travel brochures and the internet to research New York and write postcards to family members.
  • Using maps, we’ll locate the USA and find the names of the states.
  • Look at the amazing lights of Times Square, make circuits and create a program for a tourist trip around New York.
  • The story, The Indian in the Cupboard, will inspire us to write diaries.
  • Explore Native American myths and write our own.
  • Weave beautiful dream catchers.
  • Create travel brochures and make illuminated models of different landmarks.
  • Cook delicious dishes – would anyone like a corn dog?
  • Make a ‘journey stick’ so we can remember where we have visited. We’ll use this to explain our learning journey.


Spring Term 1 - Playlists

Ssh… What’s that noise? Is it a bash, a crash, a shake or a hum?

This half term, we will...

  • listen to a live musical performance, picking out the different sounds and techniques.
  • The Sound Collector, will inspire us to go on a sound walk around school.
  • Investigate the volume of sounds and make vibrations using different equipment. Our toes will be tapping along to all kinds of music, and we’ll be listening to song lyrics to get lots of ideas to write our own.
  • Create artwork that represents jazz music, and look at famous, jazz-influenced art.
  • Find out how our ear works, how sound travels and learn about pitch.
  • Investigate how musical instruments work and enjoy making our own.
  • Share our favourite music and explore how music is used in everyday life.
  • Create an uplifting celebration song. It’s time for our encore!
  • Write information leaflets about pop stars.


Spring Term 2 - Eisteddfod

It’s time to practise your poetry and hone your harmonies ready for the Eisteddfod.

This half term, we will...

  • Enjoy a professional performance, talk to the performers and pick up some new skills.
  • Learn about the National Eisteddfod using leaflets, video clips and websites.
  • The story of Rhys ap Gruffydd will help us to understand the origins of the Eisteddfod, and we will complete musical, artistic and scientific challenges that can be found at an Eisteddfod today.
  • Look at the organisation of the National Eisteddfod, thinking about the layout of the website, designing tents and marquees, creating craft items to sell and tasting and making local foods.


Summer 1 - The Romans are coming 

Sin, sin, sin, dex, sin. Left, left, left, right, left. Watch out; the Romans are coming!

This half term, we will...

  • Visit a Roman site and learn about aspects of everyday life in Roman times.
  • Understand why the Romans came to Wales and order events on a Roman timeline.
  • Study the ancient site of Caerleon and understand what life was like in a Roman fort.
  • Develop the skills of a Roman soldier and learn about the life of Tadius, who lived at Caerleon 2000 years ago.
  • Learn to read Roman numerals, taste a variety of Roman dishes and extend our vocabulary by learning Latin words.
  • Make jewellery, mosaics and lamps, and we will design a Roman aqueduct.


Summer 2 - The Blue Abyss 

Grab your wetsuit! We’re going on a deep sea adventure.

This half term, we will...

Visit an aquarium to gain an insight into the ocean world.

Sketch different creatures and create clay sculptures of our favourite.

Write poems inspired by our favourite sea creatures.

Using maps, globes and atlases, we’ll identify the world’s oceans and seas.

Find different ways of grouping living things.

Diving back into the 1800s, we’ll learn all about the HMS Challenger.

Research Jacques Cousteau and write biographies about his exciting explorations.

Study Antony Gormley’s Another Place sculpture and write reviews.

Locate the Great Barrier Reef on a map and learn about the risks it faces.

Listen to the soothing sounds of whale song and write ballads about whales. 

Physical Education 
P.E will be on a WEDNESDAY
Year 4 pupils must wear a change of clothing for PE and games activities. A navy T-shirt and navy blue shorts are required and trainers or similar footwear. Navy t-shirts may be purchased from YC Sports. Children will not be allowed to participate without suitable clothing. During colder weather, tracksuits or other warm clothing may be worn. 

Every other week we will endeavour to give your children a spelling list with strategies to practise. This will not be tested, but every half term we will test them on their statutory list to check the progress they are making. Most Fridays we will send home a Maths sheet to reinforce the learning in the week. 


Your child can continue to develop their maths skills taught each week, by accessing their own 'Maths world' at Active Learn. Each child has been given a username and password. The school code is qlq7.

Big Maths test sheets (Learn its, CLIC and SAFE challenge) will be sent home every Friday. We would be grateful if you could sit with your child and look at the questions they need some support with.


Reading books will be changed on a set day depending on their GGR group and every two weeks a Bug club book.


Hwb is an online learning tool set up by Cardiff Council to support your child’s education. There are many useful resources available to support your child in school and broaden their general knowledge.


Snack Arrangements  (No school snack available at the moment please bring your own snack)
If you would like to join the Lakeside snack club, a letter with the cost is available from the school office. There is a wide variety of fruit to choose from including kiwis, melon, tomatoes, cucumber, bananas, apples and raisins. 


To increase pupils’ confidence in communicating clearly with a variety of audiences including teachers, peers and familiar adults in everyday situations.


We will learn to
  • Use good manners, respect the needs of others and show a responsible attitude.
  • Listen carefully and respond to more complex instructions correctly.
  • Use the internet and research books to carry out context based research in school and at home.
  • Use a thesaurus to extend vocabulary.
  • Learn all about coding and use this to develop games within Scratch.
  • Recite 4,6,7,8 and 9 times table instantly and confidently.
  • Use an I-pad effectively.
  • Continue to write neatly using a handwriting pen to produce joined script and underline with a ruler where appropriate.
  • Extend writing by including adjectives, adverbs and more complex punctuation, as well as more complex sentences.
  • Read more sophisticated texts with expression, fluency and accuracy.
  • Develop the skill of editing and re-drafting work in order to improve the standard.
  • Become confident at applying literacy and numeracy skills across the curriculum.
  • Continue to use our everyday Welsh vocabulary with 'Helper Heddiw'.

Useful websites

BBC Bitesize website


Museum Learning Resources


Thank you for your support,

                               Mr Vanstone, Mrs Bird & Mrs Hoskins


Motivated, Happy, Imaginative & Caring Community